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Vietin Law Limited Liability Company (“VIETIN”) is a Vietnamese law practice registered as a limited liability company in Vietnam with registration number 01020778/TP/DKHD issued by Hanoi Justice Department. The firm has been qualified to be the intellectual property representative under the decision No. 1214/QD-SHTT issued by the National office of Intellectual property of Vietnam.

VIETIN is a full service Vietnamese law firm with a diversified national and international practice. VIETIN offers consultancy on a full range of legal services including investment consultancy, legal advice. In addition, our specialized practice is in the area of intellectual property which includes trademark, patent, industrial designs and copyright.

VIETIN brings together a diverse team of well-qualified professionals with substantial experience in both transactional and litigation work. VIETIN lawyers are involved in sophisticated corporate and financial transactions and complex dispute resolution proceedings. As a fully integrated firm, VIETIN has committed substantial resources to developing its ability to provide the highest quality of service to its clients throughout Vietnam.

We also have profound knowledge and understanding on legal system, culture and legislative, administrative and judiciary systems of Vietnam. Our business sense, international cooperation experience, internationalization, professionalism, creativeness and integrity of our lawyers and consultants make VIETIN special and distinguished from other law firms in Vietnam. We are not complacent with providing mere legal knowledge but always strive to work out innovative and comprehensive business-oriented legal solutions for all legal and business matters of domestic and international clients.

VIETIN is committed to bring the firm's wealth of experience and all of our national and international resources to bear on the most complex and demanding business problems in and outside Vietnam.

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