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Retainer services
VIETIN provides monthly legal advices on all aspects of Vietnamese laws related to business and investment transactions of international and local corporations, business establishments and individuals in Vietnam. Our main services include, but not limited to:

- Providing legal advices on all aspects related to clients’ business and investment transactions and activities in Vietnam;
- Drafting or revising all types of documents and papers related to business and investment transactions in conformity with Vietnamese laws in order to protect clients’ legitimate rights and benefits in transactions;
- Reviewing and providing legal solutions on clients’ proposed business and investment transactions towards safe, profitable and reliable in practice;
- Representing or assisting clients in negotiation on papers, documents and contracts in business and investment transactions with their partners;
- Providing secretariat services to clients, such as translation and certification on documents, arrangements for notarization on documents, certification, updating legal regulations, etc.;

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