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1. Pham H. Bac (Mr.)

Patent attorney

Pham H. Bac, Pharm.D. began his career in the intellectual property field in 2008 as a specialist at the Patent and Industrial Design of Tran Huu Nam & Associates and D&N International Ltd., before joining VIETIN-Lawer in 2013. Mr.Bac has experience coverting a broad range of complex technologies such as pharmacy, food and biotechnology, chemical, environmental technology, comestic products and biochemistry. Mr.Bac has also worked for the National Institute of Drug Quality Control, Hanoi, Viet Nam and Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology where he accumulated a considerable knowledge and experience in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutics, the specially of immunology, pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, organic chemistry, assay and drug screening systems and medical devices.
At VIETIN-Lawer, Mr. Bac specializes in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, food and pharmaceutical technology. He also provides advice on patentability, patent validity and infringement matters and has extensive experience in providing advice on patent filing/drafting and patent portfolio management.

Working experience   
·     Tran Huu Nam & Associates
·     D&N International Ltd
·     National Institute of Drug Quality Control, Hanoi, Viet Nam\
·    Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology


·     Hanoi University of Pharmacy (Pharmacist, 2010)
·     Hanoi University of Science & Technology (B.Sc. in biotechnology, 2006)

·     Vietnam Industrial Property Association (VIPA)

Articles & Presentations

Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Institute of Food & Biotechnology, designing the subject matter “Engineering the System for treating waste water of Bach Khoa Beer Factory”.


Telephone: +84-948-681-787
Tel: (+ 84) 466809023

2. Nguyen Van Viet (Mr.)

Mr. Viet has over 10 years of experiences in the fields of industrial property and copyright.

Mr. Viet has extensive experience in counseling and representing local and foreign clients in trademark matters including pre-registration advice, searches; evaluation of registrability and other related procedures, filing and prosecution of applications; response to the NOIP’s actions, and/or third parties where necessary, conducting opposition to protect clients’ rights and interests, etc.


Hanoi Lawyer Association
International Trademark Association (INTA)
Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA)

3. Mr. Tang Duc Khuong (Mr.)

Mr. Khuong has extensive experience in intellectual property. Khuong has substantial expertise in the filing and prosecution of trademarks internationally and domestically. He also has extensive experience in handling trademark oppositions, cancellations and invalidations as well as trademark infringement.  He has good experiences in working with central and local governmental agencies.


International Trademark Association (INTA)
Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA)

4. Hoang Van Vuong (Mr.)

Mr. Vuong specializes in the corporate and M&A. Vuong has assisted clients in various M&A transactions and advised them on a wide range of corporate matters.

Hanoi Bar association

5. Vo Xuan Dat (Mr.)

Highly active in tax matters, he has advised leading financial institutions on the purchase of shares in companies. Mr. Dat is also a specialist on trade and labor issues. Mr. Dat assists multinationals and foreign-invested companies on corporate and labor-related matters.

Hanoi Bar association


Tel: (+ 84) 466809023
Mobile: (+84) 904496786   

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