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M&A, capital markets
VIETIN and professionals have extensive experience which enables us to advise investors well and to represent them in all matters relating to mergers and acquisitions as well as joint venture matters, both foreign and domestic. Our main services include, but not limited to  
- Corporate advisory services; advising on the policies of the Government of Vietnam on corporate mergers and acquisitions with analyses of legal restrictions and practical barriers to foreign investors, especially those relating to securities, telecom, and banking business sectors; advising on and structuring transactions concerning mergers and acquisitions, with analyses on the probability of obtaining approvals of such transactions from Vietnamese Authorities;
- International and domestic mergers and acquisitions;
- Conducting the legal due diligence (LDD) and risk assessment;
- Transaction structuring;
- Negotiating deals;
- Advising on bid strategies for partial or full acquisitions of assets or entities;
- Preparing and advising on transaction documents, including sale and purchase agreements and shareholder agreements;
- Advising on tax, employment law and other legal ramifications of transactions;
- Dealing with regulatory bodies or central and local government agencies, in order to obtain necessary clearances or authorizations;
- Advising on competition law issues;
- International and domestic equity and debt financing; and
- Preparation of all necessary documents for registration of transactions under the laws of Vietnam.

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