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Investment, project

With our in-depth legal insight and experiences of business and investment environment in Vietnam, VIETIN can assist the clients with the most useful legal advice on domestic and foreign investment in diverse business sectors. Any request from the clients, whether to set up a 100% foreign invested enterprise, join venture, shareholding company, LLC, branch, representative office or to look for partners, to negotiate with the domestic or foreign partners, will be treated with due care to detail and we are willing to be a legal partner during the course of their establishment, operation and development  in VietNam.  

VIETIN and its consultants are members of a number of local business associations including Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) , HCMC Youth Business Association (YBA) , etc. and maintaining the same status in a number of foreign business associations in Vietnam, including Singaporean Business Group (SBG), Hongkong Business Association, Vietnam (HKBAV), Australian Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam (AusCham), American Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam (AmCham), European Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam (EuroCham), etc. Our consultants have been active in keeping clients with the most update on the development of the investment and business environment in and to Vietnam

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